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more of a rant than anything - UK Parents [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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more of a rant than anything [Jul. 7th, 2008|10:54 am]
UK Parents


i'm so annoyed, i put my sons name down for the local pre- school when he was around 18 months i opted for afternoons and then about a week later changed my mind to mornings but was told it would be fine as i was early on the list, as its a first come first served basis.

so now hes supposed to start in september i get a letter saying the induction is tommorrow for the afternoon children, so i rang and explained and they said they'd ring back cos the right person wasnt there but they didnt, repeat, repeat, etc. finally manage to get them today, oh the right womans been hear all week dunno why they said she wasnt and it turned out theres nothing they can do abut it now mustve been a mix up but the mornings are now full.

same thing happened to someone else i know from toddler groups etc so i mention this on the phone to the school and she says well yes it did happen to one other lady and shes had hers swapped she was on the phone everyday, i said well what about the first come first served thing, and they replied well she was the one who shouted the loudest?! how annoying is that, i tried to be polite and do the right thing but if i'd been rude i'd've got what i wanted!

so i'm fuming. i've kept his afternoon place there just in case any morning kids drop out but definitely dont want afternoons as it means you cant do anything with your day ever, i'm going to have to keep him at the nursery he is at now which he loves but and its passed all its ofsted and stuff etc but its not a school type place and he thinks hes going to school after summer and is very excited! plus its so much further away whereas the school is very close and i am due to give birth next week so will have a tiny baby come september grrrrr!

sorry, rant over,

oh plus does that mean he wont be guaranteed an actual school place come sept 2009, because there'll already be 40 kids with automatic places!

i never thought i'd be one of these type of moaning mummys!