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Toilet training advice required please - UK Parents [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
UK Parents

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Toilet training advice required please [Sep. 4th, 2007|09:30 am]
UK Parents


I'm wondering if anyone has any advice about the transition from potty to toilet for girls??

When I trained my son, it was so easy to get him to use the toilet (he actually preferred it to the potty right from the start) because he could just stand up to pee.

My daughter has just learned (2 yrs 6 mths) to stay dry during the day but we're struggling to get her to use a toilet and unfortunately her pre-school won't use potties - they have adult-sized toilets with a step and toilet seat! I have voiced my dissatisfaction at this of course but that's the way it is apparently!

Anyway, anyone got any thoughts/ideas/experiences to share?? We're worried that the necessity for using a toilet is going to undo all the hard work that has gone into getting her dry!

Also - has anyone else had a child go dry at night as soon as they've been potty trained? I know of a few children locally (all girls interestingly) who have done this and I remember thinking it was pretty amazing at the time! My daughter has had dry pull-ups every morning since she was dry during the day and we're hoping that this means she's learned to control her bladder whilst asleep! Perhaps because she was toilet trained a bit older?? It hasn't been long (just under a week) but it has been consistent! Here's hoping! Her brother who is almost 4 toilet trained at 2 yrs 4 mths and is still not dry at night!

[User Picture]From: lackofgravitas
2007-09-04 05:09 pm (UTC)
I think kids are better at coping with new stuff when there's no choice, rather than when they perceive their parents are just being bloody-minded about something. You might find that if you let Sophie carry on using the potty at home without comment, but when she's at pre-school there's no choice but to use the toilet, that she'll be absolutely fine, whereas if you 'artificially' insist on the toilet at home she'll rebel.

We only got N to use the toilet consistently at home when we had no water for nearly two weeks and absolutely refused to waste what little we had swilling out a potty! She did have a half-hearted attempt at regressing to the potty once the water came back, and still regards it as a huge treat to be able to use the potty in her bedroom at bedtime!

Oddly, N seemed to produce dry night-time nappies for a couple of weeks after she was dry in the day, but went back to sopping wet ones after that, only becoming dry enough to 'risk' without a nappy a few weeks ago.

I have a friend whose youngest was dry at night before her eldest - two years apart, and the youngest was a boy, so goes against received wisdom. She reckons it was him being dry at night that kicked her daughter into touch, she was dry at night very shortly afterwards!
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